The Astronomer


Tuesday - Wednesday 10.30am - 6pm

Thursday 10.30am - 11pm

Friday - Saturday 10.30am - midnight

Sunday 10.30am - 6pm


Brunch, light bites & social dining

Welcome to a whole new galaxy of dining & drinking


The Astronomer is an exciting new restaurant offering an exceptional contemporary dining experience for discerning customers.

The stellar menu of modern British cuisine with an Asian and Mediterranean twist has been created by award winning chefs.

Diners can relax in the stunning immersive décor, inspired by a woodland midnight sky so whatever the weather it’s the perfect venue for an intimate dinner for two under the stars. With a focus on social dining and a fully integrated vegan and vegetarian options, it’s also the perfect place to meet friends and family for brunch, lunch or dinner.

The outstanding presentation of the bespoke cocktails, designed by our talented inhouse mixologist really make the drinks menu shine.

The Astronomer is run by The Piece Hall Trust. By supporting us you are helping us preserve The Piece Hall – the last remaining Georgian building of its type, in the world.

Bookings and walk-ins welcome. To make a reservation:

Book online here

Call 01422 414471




The name ‘Astronomer’ was inspired by Sir William Herschel, astronomer, and composer. Herschel was the first organist at St John the Baptist Church (now Halifax Minster) in 1762, 17 years before the creation of The Piece Hall.

Herschel constructed his first large telescope in 1774, after which he spent nine years carrying out sky surveys to investigate double stars. On 13 March 1781 while making observations he made note of a new object in the constellation of Gemini. This would, after several weeks of verification and consultation with other astronomers, be confirmed to be a new planet, eventually given the name of Uranus. Overnight, Herschel became famous.

In March 1791, during his search for double stars, Herschel noticed a disk-like object in the sky. He originally thought it was a comet; he made many observations of it and finally determined that it must be a planet beyond the orbit of Saturn. He called the new planet the “Georgian Star”, after King George III – appropriate given you are currently sitting in a Georgian building!

This has inspired us to develop a unique offer for discerning customers – a food and drink menu created from scratch by award winning chefs and mixologists.

We’ve aligned the planets to ensure you – our star for the evening – has a memorable occasion.


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