Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield

A beacon of comfort and luxury

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of West Yorkshire, Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield stands as a beacon of comfort and luxury for visitors to the historic Piece Hall in Halifax. With its modern amenities, the hotel offers a tranquil retreat for those attending the myriad of cultural events at THE Piece Hall. Guests can expect top-notch dining experiences, cosy rooms, and exemplary service, all designed to enhance their stay.

The hotel’s strategic location not only provides easy access to The Piece Hall but also invites guests to explore the beautiful surroundings of Halifax, Huddersfield and West Yorkshire. From the hotel, visitors can embark on scenic walks, discover local historical sites, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of nearby towns and cities.

Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield is proud to showcase its facilities through stunning images that capture the essence of its hospitality. These visuals highlight the hotel’s commitment to creating a welcoming and luxurious environment for all its guests.

In a special collaboration with The Piece Hall Trust, Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield offers a unique booking link for The Piece Hall visitors. By using this link to book their stay, guests contribute to a charitable donation to The Piece Hall Trust, supporting the preservation and celebration of this historical landmark.

This partnership exemplifies Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield’s dedication not only to guest satisfaction but also to the local community and cultural heritage. By choosing Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield, guests enjoy a memorable stay while contributing to a worthwhile cause.

Book with Cedar Court Hotel Huddersfield to plan your visit to The Piece Hall and ensure a comfortable and enriching stay. Experience the perfect blend of historical elegance and modern luxury while supporting The Piece Hall Trust.