Blast From The Past


Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 8pm

Blast From The Past

Blast from the Past is a freeplay retro gaming arcade with vintage pinball machines, classic video games and retro consoles!

Follow the evolution of the pinball machine from the first game made with flippers in 1947, through to the early digital pinballs of the 1980s.

Shoot your way through the golden age of the arcade and the birth of video games with the iconic Space Invaders & Asteroids!

And see the progression of the home console with a selection of retro consoles including the Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System & Sega Mega Drive.

All the machines have been restored by the Blast from the Past team so they have all the information on how to play, how they work and the history of the games.

Gone are the days of endlessly dumping coin after coin into the machines.

Simply pay £2.50 for 30 minutes or only £5 for upto 2 hours of non-stop gaming.

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